Welcome to Umlilo Marketing.

At Umlilo Marketing, our mission is to be
the preferred supplier of transport
refrigeration equipment in Mpumalanga.
We are one of the top suppliers of
industrial refrigeration equipment in the
transport, commercial and retail industry.
Our flexibility to meet customer demands
and readily available spares ensure you
keep running optimally.
Using the best brands to keep you cool.
Umlilo Marketing brings
experience in air conditioning
for residential, industrial
and commercial sectors providing
an unmatched one stop shop for
all of your installation, maintenance,
repairs, service work, upgrades
and even renovations.
Cold and Freezer rooms manufactured
to your specification. Panels vary
in thickness 75mm,100mm,120mm &
200mm Depending on the product,
ambient temperature and temperature
required. Most common aplications are
hotels, restaurants, butcheries,
service stations, retailers,
liqueur stores, mortuary's etc.
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