Transport Refrigeration

Direct Drive Refrigeration

Koolvan Series 660 / 760 / 860

Koolvan R 500 / 600

Diesel Electrics

MT200 / MT300 / MT450 / MT650

Dual Temperature Applications

  • Diesel Electric and Direct Drive Evaporator configuration on Transfig Units will be finalised once the specification requirements have been agreed.

Eutectic Systems

  • Kooltube The Kooltube is a holdover or latent heat storage system. The completed unit comprises a 220V single phase or 380v 3 phase condensing set coupled to eutectic beams mounted internally to the roof of the body. Externally, to the uninitiated, the system appears to be a normal overcab refrigeration unit as the condensing set is conventionally mounted above the cab of the truck. The Kooltube is one of the simplest refrigeration systems and has been around in its basic configuration for many years. Simply, it can be compared to a block of ice in a glass of water or to the freezer pack, which you freeze in your fridge at home and put into a cooler box to keep drinks cold.
    The tubes/eutectic beams perform the same function as the block of ice or freezer pack, while the condenser replaces your domestic fridge. The system is plugged into an electrical supply until the tubes are properly frozen, unplugged and then the vehicle used for its delivery round. Given the duty, which the vehicle has to perform, we calculate the number of tubes required to maintain the required box temperature and select a condensing set capable of freezing the beams in the required time. The Kooltube System is particularly suited to repetitive, daily delivery operations.


S-600 / S-700 / MT450 / C-600

  • The Only Evergreen Choice Developed to achieve Evergreen CARB and EPA emissions compliance while adding performance, the Precedent S-Series is notable for what it does not have: a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). When considering the negative impact on engine life and fuel efficiency that a DPF brings, it was clear that a DPF was not a viable solution for units that run in California. Choose the S-Series and you’ll avoid the unknowns and risks of DPFs and can rest easy knowing that you’re running the only unit available that will be compliant nationwide for as long as you own it.
  • Diesel Direct Electric Architecture The Precedent platform utilizes our unique DDE (Diesel Direct Electric) architecture to drive optimum efficiencies and double-digit fuel savings across real-world applications. It’s a smarter approach, with the expressed goal of making a lasting difference on your budget. Precedent utilizes DDE architecture to drive optimum efficiencies and double-digit fuel savings and ensures minimal energy loss and maximized fuel efficiency and reliability when compared to other solutions.
  • Precision Temperature Control “Close enough” isn’t what your customers are looking for with their temperature-sensitive cargo. Your unit should perform as you program it to, which is just what Precedent units do. No magic, no averaging, just precise temperature control that helps ensure your loads arrive exactly as they should.
  • Eco-Pulldown Thermo King’s entire line of Precedent refrigeration units offer patent-pending Eco-Pulldown technology that can dramatically reduce fuel consumption. Eco-Pulldown technology takes advantage of the efficient design of the Precedent refrigeration system.


S-610M / C-600M / S-610DE